Institute Of Food Research Transitions Into Quadram Institute Bioscience

In preparation for the full opening of the Quadram Institute in 2018, IFR will transition into Quadram Institute Bioscience on April 28th 2017.

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9 March 2017

IFR scientist takes her research to Parliament

Tharsini Sivapalan is attending Parliament to present her bioscience research to a range of politicians and a panel of expert judges, as part of STEM for BRITAIN on Monday 13 March

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2 March 2017

Quadram Institute reaches major construction landmark

The construction of the Quadram Institute, Norwich Research Park’s state-of-the-art new centre for food and health research, reached a significant stage this week (Thursday 2 March) with the final cement pouring.

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7 February 2017

ME/CFS talks held in Norwich

An event held in Norwich  gave the public a chance to hear about biomedical research on the debilitating condition ME 

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25 January 2017

New evidence of how gut microbes affect Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Scientists at the Institute of Food Research (IFR) have uncovered a new mechanism linking bacteria in the gut to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). 

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24 January 2017

Finding new cancer drugs in the neighbourhood

Computational biologists have looked at the complex networks of interacting proteins that drive cancer formation, and found that targeting the neighbours of cancer-causing proteins may be just as effective as focusing on the cancer proteins themselves. 

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6 December 2016

New study unravels critical genes to understand human diseases and support drug discovery

A network analysis of proteins that are most important in responding to environmental signals highlights potential targets for drugs and provides better information on the genetic basis of diseases.

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5 December 2016

Scientists spend a week at Westminster

Two scientists from Norwich Research Park have taken part in a Royal Society scheme to bring the worlds of politics and science closer together. 

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29 November 2016

Omnipath sends strong signal

Published in Nature Methods, the Omnipath data resource and Pypath software offer an unprecedentedly clear view on signalling pathways in living systems

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4 November 2016

Diversity in C. botulinum germination

A new study from the Institute of Food Research has filled a gap in our knowledge of germination of Clostridium botulinum

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26 October 2016

Landmark alliance launched to support the growth of the UK bioeconomy

The Norwich Research Park Biorefinery Centre has joined a new alliance of similar established R&D centres, called BioPilotsUK. 

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