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26 March 2015

Yeasts identified that could turn agricultural waste to biofuels

Scientists from the Norwich Research Park have found strains of yeast that look particularly useful for turning agricultural by-products into bioethanol

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20 March 2015

TGAC/IFR Computational Biology Fellowship

The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) with the Institute of Food Research (IFR) are offering a five-year fellowship in molecular epidemiology and the genomics of bacterial foodborne pathogens

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17 March 2015

IFR at the Big Bang Fair

What’s in our food? That’s the question the Institute of Food Research asked at The Big Bang Fair 2015

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12 March 2015

Heroes of Food Research celebrated

IFR recently celebrated its Heroes of Food Research – the volunteer participants in its dietary studies. Without these members of the public, we couldn’t carry out our research that is getting the very best evidence of the links between the food we eat and how it affects our health.

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2 March 2015

Step change for screening could boost biofuels

IFR researchers have developed a new way of rapidly screening yeasts that could help produce more sustainable biofuels. 

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2 March 2015

E. coli's intimate relationships with your colon

New studies uncover the intimate relationship pathogenic E. coli forms with the cells lining our colon

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9 February 2015

New resource to study the mechanism and regulation of autophagy to fight human disease

Tamás Korcsmáros has led the development of an Autophagy Regulatory Network (ARN) online resource to further research in this human cellular process, to help combat cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

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5 February 2015

Reining in the Yeast Tree of Life

Members of IFR’s National Collection of Yeast Cultures have joined forces with computer scientists at the University of East Anglia to validate novel approaches to constructing a tree of life. 

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4 February 2015

Management Diploma in Record Time

Emily Smith, Programme Manager of IFR's Gut Health and Food Safety Programme has completed a management course at Fife College in record time. 

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3 February 2015

New yeast species marks milestone for NCYC

The National Collection of Yeast Cultures at the Institute of Food Research has added the 4,000th yeast strain to its publicly-available collection. 

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