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28 January 2015

Heroes of Food Research exhibition and talks

The Institute of Food Research is holding an exhibition celebrating its Heroes of Food Research – you! The event is highlighting the role that volunteers play in food research. 

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26 January 2015

The importance of nutrition in food security

IFR welcomes recognition of nutritional issues in wider challenge of ensuring food security

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15 January 2015

Complexities in improving health through what we eat

Whilst there is no doubt that reducing excessive levels of salt, fat and sugar in the diet will have benefits on the nation’s overall health, how we achieve this needs to be based on the best available scientific evidence. 

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13 January 2015

European Parliament passes legislation allowing GM member state opt out

We hope that decisions will be informed by the excellent, independent scientific advice available to them, to use the full range of options, including GM, to provide a more sustainable agricultural system in the future.

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7 January 2015

Leading Scientist to Develop New Centre for Food and Health and to Head the Institute of Food Research

The Institute of Food Research is delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Ian Charles as its new Director and to lead the programme to develop the UK’s new Centre for Food & Health to be based at the Norwich Research Park.

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