26 October 2015

Processed meat and cancer

Statement from the Institute of Food Research on the need to understand the context of the classification of processed meat and red meat as probable causes of cancer

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22 October 2015

Find out more about broccoli

Sunday’s BBC Countryfile programme on October 25 included a feature on a variety of broccoli bred to contain higher levels of a compound called glucoraphanin.

Research from human trials with 130 volunteers published earlier this year, showed that including this broccoli in the diet for 12 weeks reduced the levels of LDL-cholesterol by an average of about 6%.

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16 October 2015

Would you like food poisoning with that?

Arnoud van Vliet's public talk on the bacteria behind food poisoning is now available to watch online. Dr van Vliet from IFR’s Food Safety Centre, gave the latest IFR Public Lecture, covered the subject of bacteria that cause food poisoning, why they are so good at making us ill, and why the problems are increasing.

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13 October 2015

Online training spotlights food fraud

To help identify and prevent food fraud, Dr Kate Kemsley from IFR has teamed up with colleagues from the University of East Anglia to develop a free online course via their partner, FutureLearn

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9 October 2015

PhD studentships at IFR

Doctoral Training Partnership PhD Studentships are currently available at the Institute of Food Research, to start in October 2016.

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30 September 2015

Yeast treasure-trove goes live

A new project is sequencing the genomes of a collection of yeast strains, to help unlock the great biodiversity within yeasts to produce biofuels and other chemicals more sustainably.

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22 September 2015

New EU project to reduce food waste begins

IFR is a key partner in the new EU funded multinational research project that will help reduce food waste by 30% by 2025

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5 August 2015

IFR Success at the UK National Institutes of Bioscience 2015 conference

Aline Metris and colleagues at the Institute of Food Research and The Genome Analysis Centre recently won second prize in the NIB Conference poster session.

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24 July 2015

Planning permission granted for new centre for food and health

Planning permission has been granted by South Norfolk Council for a new food and health research building on the Norwich Research Park. 

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17 July 2015

SACN report advises we reduce sugar and increase fibre

The findings of the SACN report of the science linking carbohydrates and health suggest that must reduce sugar and increase fibre in the diet to improve the population's health.

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