IFR's National Capabilities

The IFR is home to two BBSRC supported National Capabilities. These are significant areas of knowledge, tools & expertise that are publicly funded for the benefit of the nation.

Food Databanks

Food Databanks manages data on the composition of foods eaten in the UK. As well as providing the nutritional information for food labelling, this data underpins research at the IFR, across Europe and beyond into the links between diet and health whilst helping to inform policy to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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National Collection of Yeast Cultures

The National Collection of Yeast Cultures is one of the largest yeast collections in the world, making it a valuable resource for academics as well as industry. In addition to preserving and understanding biodiversity, NCYC is using state-of-the-art techniques to characterise yeast strains for brewing and baking. NCYC is involved in IFR’s research into developing biofuels and other useful compounds to replace expensive products derived from fossil fuels.

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