Dr Gary Barker

Research Leader




Food Safety Centre

Research Areas

Food Safety

I trained as a theoretical physicist and have worked at the Institute of Food Research, UK, since 1984. My research has centered on the application of theoretical and computational techniques in Food Materials science and Food Safety science. Food materials research has included mathematical modeling and computer simulation of macromolecular suspensions, colloids, foams, powders and grains. Food safety research has included spatio-temporal modeling of bacterial growth, predictive microbiology and quantitative risk assessment.

I lead a small group pursuing improved methods for quantitative risk assessment. This research has centered on the development of novel computer based tools for complex systems analysis and decision support and, in particular, Bayesian Belief Network methods to encode and analyse food borne hazard domains.

My current interests include the integration of systems biology methods into risk assessments, integration of user centric information sources into risk assessment and a stronger appreciation of global food chains with respect to food safety and food security. 

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