Prof. Ian Johnson

Emeritus Fellow


During my time as a Research Leader at the Institute I have developed and pursued a range of research interests relating to the biological activities of food components in the human alimentary tract, including their behaviour during digestion, interactions with the gut epithelia and bioavailability to humans. I am particularly interested in food polysaccharides and biologically active phytochemicals, and their relevance to the prevention of human disease, including both metabolic disorders and colorectal cancer. I have previously received research funding from the European Union, Food Standards Agency and the BBSRC, and I have served as a member of the BBSRC Pool of Experts. As a part-time member of IFR staff, I am currently working on theoretical aspects of the impact of nutrition on human epigenetics, and I serve as a member of the SACN working group on dietary carbohydrates. 

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