Prof. Keith Waldron

Research Leader



The Biorefinery Centre

Research Areas

Industrial biotechnology & exploitation of agri-food waste

I am the Director of the Biorefinery Centre at IFR and my current research interests include development of biofuels and platform chemicals from agri-food chain waste biomass, therefore avoiding a conflict with food production. The Biorefinery Centre at the IFR is closely allied with the National Collection of Yeast Cultures, also located at the IFR.                     

My research interests are focused on the economic exploitation of food chain biomass by characterising the molecular and polymeric structural (cell wall) components and developing IP-novel approaches for their disassembly, modification and exploitation.

This was initiated by research into the exploitation of food-processing waste co-products, which led to the formation of the "Sustainability of the Food Chain Exploitation Platform" and then the Biorefinery Centre at the IFR. 

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