Dr Tamás Korcsmáros

Research Leader




Gut Health and Food Safety Programme

Research Areas

Gut Health

I study systems regulation of autophagy in humans.  Autophagy is a membrane trafficking pathway that generates autophagosomes which deliver cytosol to lysosomes for degradation.  Autophagy provides a powerful means of removing intracellular pathogens and is an important arm of innate immunity to infection. 

In the gut, host-pathogen interaction is important for intestinal homeostasis; malfunction of autophagy is related to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and cancer progression. A better understanding of the effect of particular bacterial species on the regulation of human intestinal autophagy could help to identify prognosis markers for IBD and colon cancer.

By applying network methodologies my research aims to investigate how foodborne pathogens or probiotics affect autophagy, and how antibiotics treatments could influence intestinal autophagic activity by changing the gut microbiota.

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